When asked about her past, Aemaria claims to be from the grand city of Arbonne. She grew up in the Tenderloin. She knows her mother died in childbirth but knows nothing of her father. Kindly people raised her, but no one was consistently there in her childhood.

The closed thing to a father figure was Thromdam. Thromdam is slightly over-weight with thinning brown hair and very sharp green eyes. He is a former adventurer/bard has retired to the respectable business of a tavern-keeper. He is very talkative and knows most of the current rumors. His story-telling abilities and charm has won him a great number of friends and he is known in the higher social circles. He owns The Bard’s Tale. Thromdam’s tales have fueled Aemaria’s desire to see the world.

The Bard's Tale routinely attracts some of the finest bards around to tell their stories. They are always treated with the highest respect and there is a specially built area for playing (The Bard's Table). Consequently, the Bard's Tale is usually packed to the rafters even in the worst weather.

Growing up was very hard for Aemaria. Although a pretty girl, her height (5’10”) and athletic prowess worked against her. She was held to be “unwomanly” by women and many men feared her (she is stronger and quicker than most men). She spent most of her childhood protecting children from bullies.

At age 12, Aemaria befriended an alley cat she named Timon. Timon has remained by her side to this day.

At age 17, Aemaria started an apprenticeship with the Wizard Maliki. Unfortunately, Aemaria just did not have the patience to learn the ways of magic.

At age 18, Aemaria got caught in the sewer-system for three days. Aside from the stench, the enclosed area had a lasting effect on her. She has a slight case of claustrophobia.

Wanderlust catches her full force at age 19. She travels west to the Jagged Peaks. She traveled with pilgrims seeking wisdom from the Oracle. While in the mountains she encountered the Haegor Tribe. She lived with the tribe for one year thinking she had truly found home. She closely resembled the people of the Haegor Tribe. She learned to fight as a warrior and chose the Greatsword as her weapon.

Aemaria was exiled after a year with the tribe. She and her lover got into a huge fight. In a fit of rage, Kilri (her lover) snatched up her cat Timon and dashed him against the wall. Outraged, Aemaria slew him with her bare hands. The tribe exiled her although Kilri’s brother Juri has vowed vengence. Shortly after being exiled, a hawk starting hanging around. Aemaria is convinced that the hawk is Timon.

Aemaria has since returned to Arbonne. She has decided to take her chances in a Privateering group.