D'Gran looks around at the carnage. He inhales deeply of the burnt stench wafting off the corpses of his human fodder. Mixed in is the rubbery stench of burnt troll flesh from outside the complex and the nasty hit that Slaazh received. Whilst such smells normally are very pleasant to him, D'Gran's anger begins to mount as he realizes the damage done to his forces: five humans, three gnolls, the wizard Heunar, and the two trolls outside the complex. And where in the Abyss is his other wizard Tippish?

D'Gran's anger peaks when his invisibility spell expires and Tippish "returns" in the form of a charred corpse at the scene of the battle. D'Gran turns to Krall the troll, who has since recovered from the beating given to him by the pesky intruders, and orders "gather up several gnolls and go kill that damn wizard that did this!"

Krall grunts his approval and gathers up his huge two-bladed sword. "How far I hunt?" ask Krall in the halting, grunting language of trollkind.

"Go no further than the fungi forest. Set an ambush there. The interlopers must have slaughtered the Hulks on their way here. And take Tippish's pets - she no longer has any use for them." D'Gran then turns, deep in thought. "And what is that damn Dragon and his nits doing letting these bastards through into my domain? I may have to have a few words with the beast."

Krall barks are few commands at the gnolls. Two of them return with Tippish's pets - two large raptors from the jungles of Chult. One of the gnolls obviously got a bit too close and is now sporting a nasty cut on his leg. Krall orders him replaced so as not to put the beasts into blood frenzy. The strike force heads out of the complex and past the charred trolls. The three gnolls are barking and growling excitedly for another chance to please their master.

D'Gran then turns to one of the humans. "Send a message to the Fane. I need another wizard. I believe my daughter Vacra is in Dunrat's service. Have her transferred to me."