Vision from the Benefactor

An image forms in your mind. Before you are laid the contents of the small box. The voice of your “benefactor” enters your mind.

Listen closely, fool! Try not to foul this up again!

Before you lay the items that will allow you to recover the Mask of Summoning and a few other items to make matters a bit messy for the Cult. The first is the blue gem you now hold in your hand. You may use this anytime to review these instructions. Second, there is a rough map of the Outer Fane. I have indicated a few key areas. Your goal is the area mark “Vestibule”. It is here that you must perform a ritual that will gain you entry into an inner sanctum that is very near the Dark One himself!

I presume you will enter through the Fire Door, as I know you have “friends” there. I have given you a Master Key, the round item with a circumscribe triangle. This will get you into the Fane through any of the four elemental doors. Some form of elemental guardian guards all the doors. I suggest you acquire either the Elder Elemental Eye or the Dark Lord’s symbol and act like you belong. Beware! Jangobah’s twin is in the complex. Both he and Hedrack know you by sight. Others may also, but most of the guards will not.

However, before you gain the Vestibule, you will have to acquire a special incense burner called a Black Thurible. The censer is egg shaped, and must use the special incense that is included in this package. If you happen to have one from your prior dealing with the Cult, then you are all set. If not, there are two available in the Outer Fane. Naquent, a very “difficult” woman, carries one. A tall ½ elf with brown hair and clerical robes, she should be easily identifiable as there are not many women about. The other is in Hedrack’s quarters. I would recommend avoiding Hedrack at all cost.

Now that you have a Black Thurible and have gained the Vestibule, interesting events will occur. Light the special candle provided. On the north wall, you will see 3 small switches in an “up” position. In the room, you will also find an ornate horn. First, touch the Master Key to the horn. Then, pull the left-most switch and blow the horn. Then pull the middle switch and blow the horn a second time. Finally, pull the last switch and blow the horn a final time. A portal will appear. Pass through it.

You now find yourself close to the Dark One himself. I have included a page from the teachings of the Dark One describing this area. Here ye shall find a small block with a silver skull resting atop it. A word is written in Common upon the block. Kneel before the block and speak this word. You may now take both the orb and the block. Within the block are several other minor relics of the Dark One. Additionally, the Mask is contained within. From here, you will need to place the incense in the Black Thurible and twirl it about. You will find yourself in the Temple area. Be ready for a fight! Your prior horn-blowing will likely have attracted the attention of Hedrack.

Get out best you can. Then, proceed to the Temple of Elemental Evil. You must disrupt the proceedings there. I know you are familiar with the abandoned farmhouse near the Temple. I shall leave further instructions for you there.