Book of the Mines

Return to the Mines
     26th of Eleint (September)
     27th of Eleint (September)
     28th of Eleint (September)
     29th of Eleint (September)
Taking the Fire Bridge Complex
     30th of Eleint (September)
     1st of Marpenoth (October)
     2nd of Marpenoth (October)
     3rd of Marpenoth (October)
     4th of Marpenoth (October)
Death of Ace and Leaving the Mines
     5th Marpenoth (October)
     6th Marpenoth (October)
     7th Marpenoth (October) through 13th Marpenoth (October)
     13th Marpenoth (October)

Return to the Mines

26th of Eleint (September)

After being chased by the Black Arrow orcs and meeting Jangobah, the grouped headed back towards the mines. Late in the afternoon, they passed through Ogtown. Unsurprisingly, it was Og’s birthday again.

27th of Eleint (September)

The group reentered the mines through the side entrance they had previously discovered. They set up camp in the lair of the ettin and rust monster. That night during Vall’s watch, dark mantles attacked them. Jangobah quickly proved his worth as he dispelled the magical that the creatures used to enclose the lair in darkness. Once the group was able to see clearly, they made quick work of the creatures.

28th of Eleint (September)

The group headed back to the room with the lake in it. Ace takes advantage of his magical slippers and climbs the wall to check the other side. He finds a ledge on the back wall with several items. He gets a battle-axe, a shield, a rusty dagger, a grappling hook, and a rotting pouch. The pouch contains a vial of clear water, some coins, and gem worth about 30 gp. Ace shows all the items to the group except for the gem, which he pockets. Jangobah casts Detect Magic on the items and determines that only the axe is magical. Terjon says that he thinks the water is holy water.

Next the group heads to Vranthis’ lair. Ace leads the way, but encounters a natural stonewall about 3’ high in the passage that led to the kobold’s tower. As the wall was not there previously, the group stops to discuss the situation. There is some water on the other side of the wall and a spray near the platform. As they discuss the situation, Aemaria and Jangobah notice a kuo toa standing near them.

The kuo toa stands with his hands empty and arms crossed. Jangobah recognizes this as the symbol for peace or truce in the Underdark. In halting Common it says, "Welcome dragon slayers." Jangobah speaks Undercommon and learns that someone named Nilbool wants to speak to the group. They are taken to Vranthis’ lair.

Where the pyramid was floating is now a small pool. The nest area is now a throne where Nilbool sits. There is also a crude desk in the room. The group also notices that the kuo toa are wearing the symbol of the Eldar Elemental Eye with a green square below it. They have seen the green square symbol below on the floor at the main entrance to the mines.

Nilbool asks why the group is in the mines. Terjon says they are searching for an ancient evil. Nilbool says it is a dangerous journey and they are nearing a fortress guarded by evil. Terjon asks about the symbols that they wear. Nilbool says they only worship the water. The kuo toa are enemies of those at the fortress. The fortress is guarded by a demon named D’Gran. Also, there are several trolls guarding the outside complex.

Jangobah asks if the kuo toa would help the group with their attack on the fortress. Nilbool says that is not possible. If the group can help the kuo toa with their problem with "burrowers" that were attack them, they can offer a place to rest and some healing. The group agrees to check out the problem, as they would have to go through that area to get to the fortress.

Moolowik, who originally talked to the group, leads them to the area where the burrowers dwell. The group is led to a part of the mines that they have not previously been. Vall starts to sense more life and they start to notice fungus more often. Moolowik says this area is the hunting group of the more dominant of the creatures.

Terjon cast’s Bless on the group and Ace walks into a cave to act as bait. The fight goes fairly well at first. Ace and Jangobah do damage with bow and Fireball respectively. Then the creature bites Vall and Jangobah and Ieriyn become confused by the thing. They start to attack each other as the rest of the group takes care of the creature, with Aemaria finishing it by taking off its head. They learn that it is an umber hulk.

Eventually the effects of the magic wear off and Moolowik leads the group to the lair of the second creature. He says that is smaller than the first one. The group moves Jangobah back in the group so that he can dispel the confusion effects of the creature. Terjon casts Shield Other on Vall, as he is still somewhat wounded from the first creature. Ace again will be used as bait.

Ace is ambushed by the creature, which bursts through the wall where it apparently had burrowed a hiding place. Ace becomes confused and wanders away and subsequently falling into a pit trap. Vall moves up and attacks the creature with both swords. Jangobah fires a Magic Missile at the creature. Aemaria becomes confused and attacks Vall, dealing massive damage. Vall steps out of the way and is healed by Terjon. Jangobah moves up and casts Dispel Magic on Aemaria. Free of the creature’s effect, she kills it with her sword.

The group loots both lairs. The first creature has 180 gp, 435 sp, and a masterwork scimitar. The second creature has 1223 gp, 1546 sp, 2 gems, a copper statue of a dwarf warrior, a jewel broach, gold candlesticks, and a magical ring (transformation magic).

There is also another cavern that is full of deadly fungus. The group debates on how to safely explore that area. They decide to attack it straight on. Though it weakens Vall with one of its attacks, the group is able to destroy it. They gather some treasure on two dwarven skeletons, previous victims of the fungus. There are two rings, worth about 50gp apiece and a masterwork breastplate.

That night the group returns to the old ettin lair to rest. During Ace’s shift, Draegon’s head appears on a spider’s body. It screams that it will have revenge, somehow stuns Ace, and then skitters away before the party can react. Vall is concerned that the appearance of a spider creature might indicate the presence of Lloth, but so far the group has seen nothing else similar. The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

29th of Eleint (September)

Moolowik approaches the group and tells them of the trolls. He says that there are at least two before the fortress, a mottled green one and a gray one. These appear to be a mated pair. Although not the brightest of creatures, they have been known to be cunning and relentless in their hunting. They have no need for light and have very keen senses. He confirms what most of the group already knew, that you need to burn them to truly kill them. If they grab a hold of someone, then they will then rake the victim with their claws There are rumors of more trolls in the fortress, with some of them having martial training. Unfortunately, Moolowik cannot confirm this, as his people do not interact with those inside the fortress.

Expecting a tough fight, the group magically prepares for the day. They bump up Aemaria’s strength and Terjon casts Shield Other on her. Ieriyn uses her wand to cast Cats Grace on Aemaria, Ace, and herself. She also casts Eagles Splendor on herself. Terjon will cast Flame of Faith on Aemaria’s sword when they encounter the trolls.

They head up a set of stairs and come to cave. There is a rotting corpse in the cave, which Vall thinks was an umber hulk. Ace sneaks ahead and soon smells more rotting corpses and meat. He sees a room ahead and sneaks in. He throws torches out so that he can see, and there are two trolls in the room. Aemaria and Jangobah quickly move up to join the fight.

Jangobah throws a fireball into the room severely injuring one of the trolls. The other troll charges and rakes him with a claw. Terjon casts Flame of Faith on Aemaria’s sword and she wades into the combat. Vall also charges in and Ieriyn fires uses her bow. The group makes quick work of the trolls, though at one point a voice calls out from behind a door to ask what is going on.

After burning the trolls, the group quickly studies the door and decides the only way through would be with trickery. They make use of the Invisibility wand and everyone but Ace is invisible. Ace is disguised as a gnoll and try to get whoever is on the other side to open up for him. Ace is able to speak gnoll, so his clever ruse works. The troll on the other side opens the door and beckons for Ace to come through. Aemaria moves up and tries to hold the door open.

Eventually the group gets through the door and takes the troll down. Jangobah throws Spellfire at it and Terjon uses the Mace of Odo. However, it was immune to Jangobah’s fireball spell and the group could not burn the troll to truly kill it. As the group pondered Aemaria kept slashing it with her sword to make sure that it stayed down.

Vall and Ace start scout forward. The room where the troll is at is small and there is another door. Several troops are outside the door and Jangobah blasts most of them with a fireball. Vall and Ace move through the door and Vall gets off a shot at one of the retreating troops. Unfortunately two others get away. Vall and Ace stand guard as the spellcasters trying to figure out what to do with the troll. Terjon determines that the troll has taken a potion of fire resistance. Jangobah attempts to dispel the potion, but is unable to do so.

Vall thinks he notices something moving down the hall. Suddenly, the demon D’Gran appears and sends its icy breath at Vall and Ace. D’Gran calls out evil words of power and causes some of the group to become sick. Aemaria starts to retreat, while Jangobah throws a fireball at the demon. The spell has no effect on it. Vall tumbles passed the demon and joins the others in the room. He drinks a healing potion and convinces the group to not retreat.

Vall tells the group what he saw in the hallway. First, one of the passages seemed to allow natural light down to the mines. He thinks it is stormy outside. Second, the demon wore two symbols. He wore both the symbol of the Eldar Elemental Eye and the red diamond symbol of Elemental Fire.

As the group debates on its next move, there is a knock at the door. "Hey, you in there. Why you come and kill my men, eh?" in a deep voice. Off in the distance, but still inside the complex, the group hears the rhythmic beating of a gong.

Ace examines the door into the complex. It has a slide-bar locking mechanism. Basically, when the door is unlocked, your side can slide the bar and open the door. When it is locked, you would have to force the door open. There is no locking mechanism on your side of the door. The door opens into the room.

The group decides that they will become invisible and try to sneak through the door. After Vall, Ieriyn, and Ace are invisible the door is busted open. There are three gnolls there, but Terjon steps up and makes quick work of two of them. The fight becomes confusing as a female spellcaster appears.

She yells out, "This is for Heunar" as she launches a fireball at the group. Still invisible, Vall moves down the hall after her. Ieriyn moves to follow as well. She tries to move into position for a bow shot, but she bumps into thing that is also invisible. Vall moves to position himself for an attack. Even though they are both invisible the spellcaster can see them and launches a Lightning Bolt at them. Vall steps up and hits the caster. Ieriyn, hurting from the spell, starts to retreat back to the door.

Back at the door, D’Gran suddenly appears and sends his icy breath at the group. Aemaria blasts him with the Lightning sword. D’Gran roars and suddenly Aemaria, Ace, Jangobah, and Terjon are unable to see. Jangobah says a few words of power and they are able to see again. Aemaria starts to move up to start melee with the demon. Unsure if her normal greatsword can hit the demon, she keeps the magic sword in her hand. D’Gran steps back and another armored troll becomes visible as it attacks Aemaria.

In the hallway, the spellcaster steps away from Vall and reads a scroll. Vall does not notice any immediate effect so he steps up and attacks. The scroll has given her the ability to become gaseous, but Vall is still able to hit. D’Gran flies down the hallway and attacks Vall, hitting him hard with his axe. Vall has also been led to a position in front of an arrow slit, but he is able to avoid the shot at him. Hurt, Vall starts to make his way back to the rest of the group as the door beside him opens and more troops start to appear.

Aemaria starts fighting the troll and Jangobah throws a fireball at the creature. Ace steps out of the room and climbs on of the walls, looking for a shot at the troll. Aemaria slowly retreats back to the door as she fights with the troll. Ieriyn, having taken several healing potions, steps out of the room and also climbs a wall. Terjon casts Protection from Elements on himself. Jangobah throws a Magic Missile at the troll. Ace hits with his bow, but the enraged troll hammers Aemaria. The damage is too much for Terjon and he is forced to dispel the Shield Other spell.

Vall makes it into the room and Terjon casts Cure Light Wounds on him. Then the female spellcaster appears again and launches a fireball at the group. Vall goes down for a second, but Terjon gives him a potion and he is back up. Ace fires at the spellcaster, but is unable to hit. He retreats back into the room. The spellcaster suddenly disappears. Jangobah throws a Fireball out into the hallway, hoping to hit both the troll and the spellcaster. The troll is hurt and retreats away from Aemaria.

The victory is short-lived though, as D’Gran quickly appears and replaces the troll. Jangobah throws a Magic Missile at the demon. Vall and Terjon take up positions at the door to close it when Aemaria steps through. Aemaria attempts to retreat from D’Gran, but is unable to escape his axe. She falls unconscious through the door. Terjon gives her a healing potion and the group retreats back to the ettin lair. Jangobah is concerned that they had to leave the body of the first troll behind, but at almost 900 lbs. carrying it with them is unrealistic.

Ieriyn uses all of her remaining spells to heal Aemaria.

Taking the Fire Bridge Complex

30th of Eleint (September)

The group debates their next course of action. With Aemaria’s wounds, they think they might have to leave the mines to recover. Then Moolowik appears in the morning and says that that has been no sign of pursuit. The kuo toa have set up a watch in fungus forest. He also gives everyone a potion of Cure Serious Wounds. Ieriyn casts two more spells on Aemaria. Also, since she is fully healed, she gives her potion of Cure Serious to Aemaria as well. Terjon uses the wand of Cure Light Wounds to make sure everyone is completely healed.

The group debates and decides not to give the defenders at the complex any more time to prepare. They head out of the ettin lair. When they get to the room with the kobold’s tower, they notice that it is dark and they do not hear the running water. Since Moolowik said there was no pursuit, they decide to press on and reach the fungus forest room.

Ace scouts ahead of the group a little bit. He spots a humanoid body lying in a dark pool in the middle of cavern. Vall gives Ace a potion of Darkvision, and the two of them move forward to investigate. The body is that of a kuo toa and the pool is blood. Vall thinks a large carnivore caused the wounds. Ace checks the body and finds three potions and a small pouch. Vall sees tracks leading out of the blood and starts to follow them.

The group hears a hiss off to the left and Ace thinks he sees movement. Suddenly, a large raptor-like creature jumps out at Jangobah. It attacks him, but he is able to avoid the creature’s claws. Another one jumps out at Vall. The creature hits him with a claw and Vall hits it with his sword. Ace steps over to get a better shot at the one on Vall, but his arrow sails wide.

Aemaria and Terjon both move to attack the raptor that attacked Jangobah. Terjon misses, but Aemaria delivers two hard hits. Jangobah finishes the creature with a Magic Missile. An arrow, shot from behind the raptor, narrowly misses him. As Ieriyn moves to try and find the archer. Aemaria sees the archer at the edge of the light and moves to attack it, when the first troll from the bridge complex steps out of the darkness and barely misses Jangobah. Terjon steps over to help Jangobah, and he and the troll exchange blows. Ieriyn shoots the gnoll archer and kills it.

Vall hits the raptor with both swords. The creature does not go down, but it does decide to leave the fight. Vall heads over to attack the troll. Another gnoll steps out of the darkness and attacks Ace. Ace steps back and hits it with an arrow. The raptor returns to the fight and attacks Ace. Vall, seeing that Aemaria is about to engage the troll, moves over to help Ace. He sets up a flank on the raptor and Ace is able to kill the creature. He then sets up a flank on the gnoll, and Ace kills it as well. Ace notices another humanoid in the darkness. It fires an arrow at the group but then it is gone when he looks again.

Aemaria and Terjon attack the troll, which is single-mindedly going after Jangobah and ignoring the damage that they deal it. After several spectacular dodges of the beast's double weapon, the Troll throws the weapon down and reverts to the "old ways" and attacks Jangobah with its claws. The Troll quickly strikes and it rends Jangobah with both of its claws. Flustered by the intensity of the troll’s attack, Jangobah is unable to get off any spells. Terjon foregoes an attack to heal the sorcerer, just as the troll rakes him again. Aemaria then takes down the troll with her greatsword.

Ace loots the bodies. The gnolls have 28 gp between them and some decent arms and armor. The troll has nothing of value, so Jangobah throws a Flaming Sphere on it to make sure it is dead. Jangobah checks the potions that Ace found on the kuo toa body. He says they are Cure Moderate Wounds, Cats Grace, and Bulls Strength.

The group then gathers the dead kuo toa and takes the body back to his people. They are grateful for having the body returned so that proper burial rites can be performed. The group asks about the raptor creatures. Some of the kuo toa had seen them with a female at the bridge complex. They are probably referring to the spellcaster that the group encountered during the last fight.

Ieriyn casts Cure Light Wounds on Jangobah and Terjon provides some healing with the wand as well. Terjon and Jangobah also evaluate what spells they still have left. Deciding that they are probably in good enough shape to fight, they head back towards the bridge complex.

Before they get to the complex, they boost everyone magically. Terjon uses the wand of Bulls Strength on everyone but Jangobah. Ieriyn uses her wand of Cats Grace on everyone, as well as using the wand of Eagles Splendor on Jangobah and herself. Jangobah also casts Detect Magic to see if there are any invisible guards at the door. He does not see any guards, but the group is standing in a magical. Based on his description of the magic, Terjon believes it is an alarm spell and advises the group to proceed cautiously.

Jangobah uses his wand and turns himself and Ieriyn Invisible, while Ace sneaks ahead. He lowers a rope with a hook through the opening in the door and unlocks it. Vall kicks the door open and the group hears a thunk as a crossbow bolt slams into the door. Ace looks in and sees a very hastily made trap in the corner of the room. Seeing no other traps, he steps in to examine the next door. He determines that there are no traps on the door and Vall tries to open it but it is locked. Ace pulls out a drill and begins working on the door. He drills through the lock and the group is able to open the door.

The hallway beyond is dark, so Vall moves forward and begins lighting the torches on the walls. They quickly determine that the hallway is clear and begin checking the doors closest to them. The first door opens to a fairly large room, with another door on the other side of the room. There is a green curtain hanging on the wall and a trunk in the room. Ace finds a trap on the trunk, but is able to disable it. Inside he finds 1,208 silver pieces, 3 smokesticks, a bag of broken human bones, a set of masterwork chainmail, and a map to a cave about 10 miles away. He thinks it is a map to the tribe the trolls are from.

Ace rigs a trap to the other door and the group heads back out down the hallway. As Vall steps around a corner, he is shot at from the darkness. Terjon casts Light on one of Vall’s arrows and he shoots it down the hallway. They see several archers down of the hall. One of the archers grabs the arrow and covers it, returning the hallway to darkness. Jangobah turns Ace invisible and he sneaks down one of the side hallways.

Ace comes back to the group and says he didn't find anything other than a smelly room. Jangobah turns everyone invisible and they had down the main hallway. The group gets to the intersection and they can see the hallway to the left opens up to the outside, where they note that it is no longer storming. They can see a bridge that leads across the lake in the middle of the mines to a large complex. In the hallway, they also can see a huge pair of boots.

The group’s attention is drawn to the right. There is a large feasting area through a set of double doors. They can see a throne-like chair on the far wall and a small humanoid chained to the wall. Jangobah says that he can see an invisible D’Gran in the room. He tries to Dispel Magic in the room, but his spell is unsuccessful.

D’Gran suddenly appears and breathes ice at the group. Aemaria grabs the lightning sword and blasts D’Gran. Terjon casts Magic Weapon on Aemaria’s greatsword, hoping the magic is powerful enough to harm the demon. Ieriyn sneaks into the room and grabs the lightning sword. Jangobah yells that there is another invisible person in the room, as Vall charges the demon. Jangobah follows Vall’s attack with a Fireball. He yells that the other invisible person went down in the flames.

D’Gran steps back and disappears. Suddenly two trolls charge into the room. One attacks Aemaria, but she kills it. Vall kills the other one. Both think the trolls went down too easily, but they do not have time to think about it. Across the main hallway, the large boots are now moving. They belong to a giant, who hits Jangobah with a thrown rock.

Jangobah shrugs off the rock and blasts D’Gran with Spellfire. He says the D’Gran went down, since the rest of the group still cannot see the demon. Another rock files into the room, just missing Aemaria. Ace sneaks out to the hallway to set up a shot on the giant. A human suddenly appears and attack Ace, hitting him hard. Ace attempts to run back into the room, but the human hits him again as he runs.

The giant moves to the door and Aemaria moves up to meet him. Terjon steps up and casts Shield Other on her. Jangobah sends a Fireball at the giant and the human in the doorway. The human seems unaffected by the blast. The giant attacks Aemaria and the human attacks Vall. The attack on Aemaria is vicious, causing Terjon to end the spell protecting her. He also casts healing spell on himself. Aemaria attacks the giant with her great sword and hits hard.

Ieriyn turns Ace Invisible and then moves to start burning the trolls and the demon. Vall ignores the human, who continues to attack him. Instead, he attacks the giant. Ace also attacks the giant, setting up a flank with Vall. By focusing on the giant, they are able to take it down. The human runs away.

The group is exhausted and closes the doors. Jangobah casts See Invisibility on Terjon, who casts Deathwatch. He says that D’Gran is beat up, but not dead. Unsure what to do to finish the demon, Aemaria swings her sword at the body. If nothing else, they will keep it down while they think.

Jangobah checks out D’Gran. It appears that it does have some sort of regenerative properties, but not as good as the troll’s ability. Terjon also says that it is resistant to most types of energy. Ace moves up to check out the person chained to the wall. Terjon starts to heal the group, when they hear heavy footsteps out in the hall.

There is a yell of "Me Bruder!" as another giant storms into the room. Terjon attempts to convince it that they were defending the complex and that the attackers are getting away. The giant hestitates for a second, but then attacks the group. Again, the group gains up on the giant and takes it down after an intense fight.

The group again starts to rest and evaluate the situation, when they hear sounds of another fight. They can hear orcs, gnolls, and the local human dialect. Vall checks the hallway and is met the captain of the complex guards. He says that since the group killed D’Gran, then they are in charge of the complex. An orc tribe is sending a strong raid against the complex. Vall tries to determine if it is a trap, but he thinks the man is serious.

The guards are falling back away from the orcs. Vall tells the captain to have his men continue to fall back and they will come behind them. Terjon casts a few minor healing spells on the group and they join the fight. The orcs have a wagon that they are pushing down the hallway. It provides them with cover from bow fire, so Jangobah drops a Fireball on it.

Vall spots one of the orc leaders, and moves to attack him. Vall notices that the orcs have the Black Arrow insigna as he attacks. While the leader is tough, he does not measure up to the regular Black Arrows the group has fought before. The same is true of all the orcs in the attack.

Ace joins Vall and together they kill the leader. Seeing their leader go down, a group of orcs tries to make a run for it. Once they realize Aemaria is in their way, they attempt to run over her. With a flash, she cuts them all down. This display, and the death of the leader, halts the orc’s attack. They withdraw to regroup.

They call out that they only want to leave the mines. The group discusses and says that they can leave if they disarm themselves. While unhappy, the orcs do agree to the terms. As they head out of the hallway, Ace goes to make sure that they are actually heading over the rocks out of the mines. He reports that they are feeling as fast as they can.

As the tribe continues, the group realizes that it is the entire tribe. There are several non-combatants. The orcs say they are Bullock’s people. Vall cuts off the ear of the orc leader and tells them to give it to Kraegor. The orcs have two prisoners, one of which is being carried in a wheelbarrow. Aemaria recognizes that one as Juri. He was the brother of a former lover in the Haegar tribe. He had sworn revenge against her after the death of his brother. He is still full of anger, but is not in very good shape. The other prisoner looks like the village idiot.

Both prisoners have runes from the Dark Rune book. Jangobah thinks the idiot might be a Halruaan wizard. Terjon cast Detect Evil on the two, but neither of them is evil. Vall tells Juri to loses the hate, as his soul is in jeopardy.

After the tribe leaves, Vall has the guards secure the complex. Jangobah thinks that D’Gran will die if they cut his head off, which Aemaria does. Vall spends some time talking to the captain and learns a his name is Darian. Also, the trolls that originally joined in the fight were actually gnolls and the human that attacked Ace was actually a troll. D’Gran’s wizard had changed them before the fight. This was the other invisible person in the room that Jangobah killed with his first Fireball.

The group takes a look at D’Gran. They loot him of the following things: a set of gauntlets, a large chain shirt, a huge greatsword, a huge longbow, and a Fire Temple symbol.

Ace frees the female halfling that was chained to the wall. She starts to rummage through some stuff. She says that it is hers, but Ace takes it. He finds a Bag of Holding with several potions, a scimitar, and a chain shirt. She protests, but Ace gives his a Potion of Love. She falls for Ace and starts to follow him around from then on. Her name is Descritad, but everyone calls her Des.

The group finds Riley in the armory. He is a trapmaker, and is slowly building another trap. The captain says that he is not all there mentally. The group is exhausted and goes to rest.

1st of Marpenoth (October)

The group meets with Darian the next day. The room where D’Gran was killed had been cleaned up some and a couple of tables are set up for a feast. He had heard of the slaying of Vranthis and is pretty impressed with the group. Ace asks about Des. She was one of the defenders of the complex, however she had angered D’Gran by killing one of his pets.

Darian tells the group that the orcs were a tribe that was conscripted. They were supposed to deal with a multi-headed dragon that was plaguing another part of the mines. The group asks what the complex is for. He says they are to guard the bridge entrance to the center island. They used to get a lot of traffic from the main gate, but now that traffic goes back and forth on giant wasps. No one at the complex has been to the center island. D’Gran had been, but he was out of favor there. He had "too many ideas".

The Temple of the Wind and Air is at the southern entrance to the mines. The Temple of Earth is further to the north. They ask about the letter from Festrast. Darian says the temples are always fighting with each other.

The feast is interrupted as a guard says there are visitors to the complex. Jangobah turns Invisible as music is heard from down the hall. Horns and drums play as the kuo toa chief comes into the room. He has a small group with him, including the last troll from the complex. After offering the group his honor and respect, the chief asks about the group’s intentions for the complex. He is hoping to keep the current status and is willing to offer some help. Ieriyn says that is honest, if self-serving with the offer. Vall says that the group wants to use the complex as a base of operations and they work out the deal.

Darian is concerned that the group will head to the southern entrance and attack others of his company. His company is scattered throughout the mines and will defend their areas to fulfill their contract. He seems like a man who will do whatever it takes to keep himself and his men alive and well. He mentions Kellial, who the group met briefly at the southern entrance. He is the toughest member of their company.

The kuo toa are hoping the group will attack the Temple of Air, which is just before the entrance. However, the two are linked together. They suggest that the group use a balcony in the Temple that overlooks the lake. It is used by the giant hornets to deliver supplies.

2nd of Marpenoth (October)

Terjon casts spells on Jangobah, who absorbs them into his Spellfire. Afterwards, Darian takes the group to a back room. One of the giants had a pet dire wolverine, which is chained in the room. Jangobah says he has a new spell that he wants to try out. Vall and Aemaria take up positions to protect him if the creature breaks free. He casts Chains of Vengeance on the wolverine, wrapping it in chains of fire. The creatures screams as it burns, and is able to break out of the spell. Fortunately, it is unable to break free of the physical chains. Jangobah quickly throws a Fireball, a Lightning Bolt, and a second Fireball on the creature. Enraged, it breaks free of the physical chains and rushes at Jangobah. However, before it can get there Aemaria cuts it down.

Darian then takes the group around the mines. They first go to a wizard’s lab. As Jangobah looks are the different items, they learn that the invisible woman killed during the fight with D’Gran was Vacra. She was D’Gran’s daughter. Jangobah thinks the entire lab is too bulky to take, but he does take a few items. Terjon grabs a few things as well to help with making potions. They also get 3 Wands, a pair of Slippers, 2 Scrolls, 4 Potions, 3 Spellbooks, 2 are silver bound and the other appears to be human flesh, and an old set of records related to the Temple of Elemental Evil.

They then head to the room that the two giants were sharing. Ace finds a large chest, which is locked. He tries to pick the lock, but has no luck. Frustrated, Aemaria busts the chest with her sword. Several gold coins spill out.

3rd of Marpenoth (October)

The group heads out the southern gates of the complex. This leads to the area that the orcs were living in before their raid. As they make their way through the caves, Ace finds a symbol scrawled on the ground. It is an orc skull and a hammer, with an arrow pointing straight ahead. Vall thinks it is a warning sign. Checking the tracks around the symbol, all the current tracks lead off down a left passage. The tracks heading straight ahead are really old.

The group decides to go straight ahead to see what had scared the orcs enough to leave a warning. They come up to a well made door with a two headed dragon coming out of hammers. Before trying the door, they decide to scout the passage to the left. This leads to an intersection and then an orc chamber. After a brief discussion, they decide to check out the door with the dragon markings.

Ace says the door looks dwarven, then unlocks it without any problems. Terjon casts Clairvoyance and checks out the hallway behind the door. He says the walls are made out of marble and the floors are very dusty. Ace opens the door, but then thinks there might be a trap on the floor. He is unable to disable it though, until Terjon casts Wieldskill on him. With the divine insight, he is able to negate a pit trap.

The group moves through the door with Ace and Des in the lead. They begin lighting torches on the walls. They come to a door to the left and see some orc tracks. Continuing on they see another door, which has two blackened orc bodies in front of it. Terjon, using the Clairvoyance spell, looks behind the first door. He thinks it is a temple, with a basin made out of a single gemstone. He moves to the second door and checks it out as well. Here he sees a large room with a pedastal that runs for about 10’ or more. On the pedestal there are several fist sized spheres. He casts Detect Evil in the room, but gets no reading.

Before trying the doors, the group decides to continue down the hallway. They come to a set of steps that lead up. Jangobah casts Detect Magic, but nothing in the hallway radiates. Ace moves up the stairs and sees an open room. Vall moves forwards to join Ace. With his better vision, he can see a large anvil shaped altar in the room. The light is capturing large gems on the altar. He can also barely make out runes along the back wall. Unforunately, he cannot read dwarven. Vall steps into the room as a large stone dwarf begins to rise out of the ground.

The rest of the group steps into the room and takes up defensive positions. The dwarf rises up to 8’ and moves to attack Terjon. Ace fires his bow, but the arrow bounces off the stone creature and hits Terjon. A green mist shoots out of the dwarf, but Vall and Terjon fight off the effects. Ieriyn casts Haste on Aemaria. Terjon is barely able to get out of the way as Jangobah drops a Fireball on the dwarf.

Terjon swings and misses, while Vall hits with a solid shot which bounces off harmlessly. Aemaria charges into the fight, but the dwarf hits her before she gets there. She then misses on her attack. The dwarf again attacks Aemaria, hitting her hard. Realizing that they cannot hurt the dwarf, Ieriyn starts to retreat. Jangobah stands fast and blasts the dwarf with a Lightning Bolt. Terjon and Vall follow Ieriyn out of the room, with Ace and Aemaria right behind them. The dwarf attacks Jangobah, who then retreats out of the room. As the last member of the group leaves the room, the dwarf sinks back into the floor.

Ace wants to check if the creature is summoned by just the floor or by anyone in the room. He climbs up the wall and into the room. As the dwarf appears, he quickly moves back out of the room. The group decides to head back down the hallway a bit and rests up. Terjon and Jangobah talk and they think the creature is a golem. They believe that it has magical defenses that allow it to resist magic. Terjon heals the group and they rest up.

4th of Marpenoth (October)

Terjon cast Light on a rock and throws it back towards the runes. After the area is lit up, he casts Comprehend Languages. The runes say, "Moradin destroys transgressors, but rewards the faithful." The dwarven word for transgressor is outlander. Unsure what the runes mean, the group heads back to the doors.

The group checks the blackened orc bodies. They are facing the door and Jangobah it was a Glyph of Warding. Ace checks the door, which is locked. He has a lot of trouble getting it unlocked, but eventually he manages to open it. The door opens up to a decent sized room. Ace steps through the door and is hit by a second Glyph of Warding, this one of cold. Shrugging off the blast, he continues into the room. He sees the pedestal with the six spheres on it. The pedestal is covered with blue velvet and the spheres are red. Looking around, he sees that there are tapestries on all the walls of the room.

Jangobah steps into the room and goes to check out the spheres. They are about four inches in diamater and are made of silver. They are encrusted with rubies and have the symbol of Moradin on them. He casts Detect Magic and both the spheres and the pedestal radiate. He casts Resist Elements (Fire) and picks up a sphere. Light washes over Jangobah as he lifts the sphere, then a dwarf replaces him. Ace, thinking he has found a way to get past the golem, immediately grabs a sphere. He also turns into a dwarf. Jangobah sets the sphere down, but he remains a dwarf. He again casts Detect Magic and notices that Ace has an extra magical effect on him. It is a moderate Enchantment magic. Neither Jangobah or Ace have any desire to have Terjon attempt to dispel the magic.

Instead, Jangobah wants to go check out the altar room. As he steps into the room, the golem does appear, but it makes no move towards him. He checks out the altar and the runes, then the passages past the altar room. He comes to a room with a large emerald hanging from the ceiling. He casts Detect Magic and finds there is fairly strong Transformation magic. There s also the smell of loamy earth and he hears dwarven chanting. Jangobah returns to the group and tells them what he found. Ace is strangely uninterested in going after the gems in the altar room or the emerald. Jangobah tries to cast Dispel Magic on Ace, but there is no effect.

The group then heads back to check out the other room. It is much smaller than the room with the spheres. There is a 5’ basin on four legs. The basin is empty and appears to be carved from a single emerald. There are idealized carvings of dwarves in each corner. Terjon says there is strong magic, which is centered on the basin. Jangobah pours water into the basin. It rapidly boils and steam burns Jangobah. Ace laughs and says, "That will teach you. You are not a cleric of Moradin."

Jangobah and Ace head back to the room with the spheres. Jangobah attempts to put a sphere in his pouch, which infuriates Ace. He yells, "You are no dwarf!" as he charges Jangobah. Jangobah says a quick word and turns invisible. Ace misses as Vall and Aemaria show up. Jangobah says Ace attacked him, then Ace attacks Vall. Vall attempts to disarm Ace, but is unable to do so. Aemaria swings her sword and takes Ace down. Jangobah again casts Dispel Magic on Ace, as Terjon heals his wounds.

Death of Ace and Leaving the Mines

5th Marpenoth (October)

Ace wakes up and seems to have his old personality. Jangobah gathers up all the spheres in a pouch. The group rests and debates their next course of action. Eventually they decide that they need to get out of the dwarven area and continue exploring the mines. They head back to the main cavern complex and then reach the end of the orc area.

They come to a large cavern. Though there is a lot of rocks and rubble, they can still follow a trail. Ace scouts ahead and finds a beat up, rusty shield. They decide to check the shield out later and continue on. They come to a ridge with rough-hewn steps leading up. Ace climbs the steps and sees a bridge over a small stream.

He sees three sets up eyes rising out of the water. He tries to draw his crossbow and take a shot, but it gets caught in his beard. He screams as he falls into the water. The rest of the group runs up the stairs and sees more eyes rising out of the water. In the water, Ace is attacked repeated by a hydra. He tries to defend himself, but the many heads take him down. On the bridge, Vall hits one of the heads and Aemaria chops two of the heads. Jangobah sends a Magic Missile in the creature and then steps out of range of the heads. Under Aemaria’s attack, the heads sink back into the water.

Vall sees the creature is trying to get out an opening into the lake. Letting the thing go, he jumps down to look for Ace. However, he cannot find him. After searching for several minutes, he wades to the opening to the lake. He sees the hydra over on a beach eating what remains of Ace’s body. He goes back to the group and tells them what he sees.

Terjon says they will need some part of the body in order to resurrect Ace. Vall heads back to the opening, but the hydra is no longer on the beach. Cautiously, he swims over to the beach and looks around. Eventually, he finds an eyeball and heads back to the group. Terjon pulls out a vial of Oil of Timelessness and puts the eyeball in it.

As the group discusses what to, they notice movement to the back of the cavern. An earth elemental appears to step out of the rock wall. Terjon hurriedly casts Detect Evil, then tells the group that the elemental is evil. The elemental approaches the group and says, "Jangobah. Message for Jangobah. Come to Temple of Dwarves. Master want to speak with you. Jangobah."

Jangobah says that Calderon once dealt with an earth elemental, but he isn’t sure if this is the same one. Still, with no other obvious options, the group heads to the dwarven temple. Terjon keeps the Detect Evil spell active as they follow the elemental. They go to the room where the spheres were. Waiting for them is a moon elf, flanked by two ogres.

The elf is in full clerical regalia with symbols of Tharizdun. Without giving his name, he invites the group to have a drink. As they drink, the elf tells his story. It seems that the idol that Jangobah found was the living altar of Tharizdun. The cult is still working hard to free the Dark One. They believe that there is another item at the yuan-ti temple that would help them, the Mask of Summoning. It seems that Tharizdun could only be constrained by the elements. When he worked to corrupt them, the gods banished the elemental lords back to the planes. If the cult can summon those elemental lords, that would speed Tharizdun’s return. If they can be brought to the nodes, then that would free him. They were awaiting their Champion, and now they believe he has arrived. The Champion is Lareth.

The elf wants the Mask to be destroyed. He joined the cult for power, not the destruction of the world. The temple where the Mask is at can only be found for a week at the equinoxes, the Feast of the Moon, and the Winter Solstice. In two days, a supply train will head through the Fire Bridge Complex. We can join them and head toward the inner island. There are small doors just before the main gate at the island, which is where the wasps are housed. We could steal them and fly to the yuan-ti temple. The group asks how the cultists will be getting there. The elf says that they pretty much have free access through the Bandit Wastes and will have traveled through there.

The group tells him they will have to think about it. They decide to head back to Hommlet and then get a ship to sail west. Terjon is anxious to confer with Y’Dey, to see if she has any advice from her fight with the Temple so many years ago.

6th Marpenoth (October)

The group slips around Ogtown. Vall wants to stop and give Og one of the spheres as his birthday present, but the others argue that they do no have time. They arrive in Raster early in the morning. Thinking that they might get the best price for the dwarven spheres from the gold dwarves in the village, they decide to sell them. They get 6,000gp for them, which might be a little low. However, they realized they would not be able to not sell them to the dwarves once they had shown the spheres.

7th Marpenoth (October) through 13th Marpenoth (October)

The group is able to make it through the Bandit Wastes without any problems. They continue north until they are just outside of Hommlet.

13th Marpenoth (October)

Traveling the road to Hommlet, the group sees smoke ahead in the woods. A shadow passes overhead and they see a red dragon fly by. Jangobah is convinced that it is Utreshimon. They head of the road and can hear the sounds of battle ahead. The rest of the group hides the horses while Vall sneaks forward to scout the situation. He sees a caravan that has been attacked by hobgoblins. There are perhaps 15 wagons in the caravan.

The group moves into the combat, quickly turning the tide. The hobgoblins are unable to stand against them and the caravan guards renew their efforts as well. Terjon decides to try out a new spell and summons a giant ant. The ant fights fairly well, even managing to kill one of the hobgoblins with a single shot.

As the battle progresses, a Dire Ape suddenly appears out of the woods. The group is scattered across the battle, so Vall ends up fighting it alone at first. After a series of attacks, Jangobah blasts the Ape with a Lightning Bolt. Terjon makes his way over and casts Bless on the group. The dragon suddenly appears and breathes on the group. The Dire Ape dies under the attack and Terjon’s shield melts, but the rest of the group is unharmed. As the dragon flies off, the hobgoblins start to retreat.

The caravan master and one his guards come over to the group. They thank the group and ask if they will travel with them on to Hommlet. The guard introduces himself as Thelinor. As they ride, Jangobah remarks that he was impressed with Thel during the fight and might be a good replacement for Ace.

When the group arrives at Hommlet, there is no one in the streets. Everything seems unnaturally quiet and the caravan master is very uneasy. They head to The Welcome Wench and notice a wreath of garlic on the door.