Jangobah's Dream

As he lay in his bed, Jangobah was still thinking about how to tailor his flaming sphere spell to its maximum destructive advantage. It always reminded him of his days of Wizard school, under the tutelage of the great wizard Sucal Stormshock. His roommate, Calderon, had shared his affinity for fire-related spells. He supposed thinking of fire spells and Calderon had given him the dream at first.

He saw a glowing figure and realized it was Calderon. And Calderon was burning.

"Jangobah. It is I, Calderon. My friends need your help. They’re in the mines, working to stop the cultists from reviving the Temple of Elemental Evil".

Calderon had always been talking about that blasted temple. He figured it was just one of those stories that old Gramps Methuzalor had told Caldo as a kid to make him behave. Jangobah was always amused to think that those two made their living off of gathering artifacts from the Temple ruins. What a waste of perfectly good magical talent. Caldo had been a nice kid, and earnest as the day is long, but he didn’t have enough ambition. That’s why Jangobah had moved to the city. To make a name for himself.

Calderon went on: "You’d be proud. I’ve made a name for myself. I killed the great green dragon Vranthis".

"Then shouldn’t you be doing something better than appearing to me in dreams?" Jangobah asked.

"Well, I did die in the process" Calderon answered. "But I went out in such a flash of glory, that Mystra herself has taken notice of me and given me a place of honor for advancing the cause of magic. Why, I did a lot in my life. I talked to an Elemental, and got captured by the dragon, and fought a red dragon. And all sorts of stuff"

"Lucky stiff." Jangobah muttered, not entirely unaware of it current appropriateness.

"Mystra permitted me to appear to you in this dream to send you to help my friends. You’ve got to help them fight the cultists and prevent the return of the Temple from coming to fruition. They’re in the Crater Ridge mines. And tell Gramps that I gave my life for a worthy cause. Take care of him" Calderon answered.

"WHAT? You can’t just appear from nowhere after years and give me a quest like that. I’m not accepting quests right now." Jangobah retorted.

"You have to; Mystra commands it. "Calderon answered. "Let me tell you more about it. . . And watch out for the orcen maids . . ."

They talked long into the night. By daybreak, Jangobah was ready to gather a party, none to happy to be heading for the Crater Ridge Mines . . .

"Why couldn’t I have roomed with Dengar? His family ran a brothel . . ."