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OhioGame2006 - Captain Grimm's shipless crew21 viewsBocco (Paul - purple shirt facing away), Ivan "Bear" (Rob D - taking picture), Batholemew Quan (Jed), Yuriko (Megan), Captain Grimm (Jeff), Durgan (Alex), Dinesh (LeVon), the unforgettable and sparkling Doctor Joshua Sweet (Chris)
OhioGame2006 - The Crew of the Flying Pig15 viewsThe crew of the Flying Pig. Sir Abel (Chris K.), Hummer (Mike), Becky (Rachel), Doc (Mark), Captain Riley (Jo), Vinnie (Dugger), Earl (Mark D) - and the long arm of the Ref.
OhioGame2006 - Captain Riley deals with Captain Grimm16 viewsCaptain Riley worked hard to get Captain Grimm to sign a deal that would give her full ownership of the Flying Pig in exchange for her help getting his current ship back from the 'salvagers' on Julius Station.
OhioGame2006 - It all started in a bar...13 viewsRemnants of the bar after Captain Grimm's crew was attacked by Gutman's thugs to send a 'warning' and while Captain Riley's crew looked on.
OhioGame2006 - Holding off Mercs Attempting to Storm the Flying Pig11 viewsCaptain Grimm's crew, told not to leave the lower deck of Captain Riley's Flying Pig took the brunt of the fight when four mercs in body armor tried to storm the ship before leaving Persephone. Dinesh, the miracle-worker vertically-challenged mechanic (who was later stuffed naked and greased into a toolbox crate with Yuriko - but, that's another story) was able to get the outer door shut with a wounded Captain Grimm's help.
OhioGame2006 - Captain Grimm signs19 viewsWith no other means to get his ship back, Captain Grimm agrees to sign over his remaining shares in the BlackAdder - er, Flying Pig - to Captain Riley.
(Or does he? What exactly is he writing there?)
OhioGame2006 - Almost there...12 viewsJim guides us through the last stages of the game - a risky ruse involving posing as Alliance officials and sneaking an engineer and pilot aboard the ship to fix and then fly her, necessitating them both being stuffed naked and greased up into a large crate to pass by the 'salvagers' guard...
OhioGame2006 - Almost finished11 viewsCaptain Grimm's crew towards the end - when Doc Sweet's plan of having Sir Abel pose as an Alliance Inspector to throw the 'salvagers' into a panic and let us all get away with the ship and the ration bars was underway.
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